Introduction by Wassim Hadweh

This is Wassim, who is twenty years old and a Junior at the College of Charleston, when I first joined the college, I was in an Accounting major since I like math a lot, but before I applied to my Exchange program to study abroad, I switched my major from Accounting to Organizational management and development. When I first heard about the study abroad exchange program I was shocked that how this is even possible. I was just shocked and loved the idea right away because, in my opinion, this experience will help me out developing myself entirely as I have now to depend on myself even more which is going to be really helpful in my future. I choose to study in Strasbourg, France. Because France is one of the countries that has always been interesting to me due to the amazing architecture that not all countries have. In fact, when I first arrived here, I stood for a second just looking at buildings and the first thing that came out of my mouth was ‘WOW, am I dreaming?!”. The second reason I chose France is that it contains the best bread in the world that no other country has beat the flavor of its bread yet. Therefore, the first thing I did after I got settled was buy lots of bread. Lastly, I am planning to travel to as many countries as possible in Europe to explore more cultures to try to understand how people think outside of the United States of America and what should I be doing to improve myself and my surrounding using those cultures and the experience, also to try to explore more known buildings or architecture, that any human being would like to visit along with trying to engage with others to learn more about the language and to try to learn the language itself to help me later in my future.


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