Culture, Customs, and Traditions by Addison Stallard

The culture in Australia is unique, yet very similar to America in some ways. The biggest challenge so far has been trying to learn the slang. Aussies abbreviate and shorten every word, to a point where it’s hard to understand what they are saying at times! It has been a fun challenge. Some of my favorite terms they use here are sunnies and bathers. Sunnies are short for sunglasses and bathers are short for bathing suits. “Make sure to grab your sunnies and bathers for the beach!”

Something I really love about the culture here is their emphasis on community. In the city, the entire community will get together for barbies on the beach, music celebrations such as drum circles, farmers markets and night markets sharing food and art, and so much more. It is a very supportive and welcoming country. I have been to many farmers markets in the city and on the nearby island and it is such a fun and beautiful thing to do. The community focus is huge on campus as well, especially for international students. There are weekly international café get togethers, where the campus makes lunch, plays music, host activities and so much more to make international students feel seen and involved.


In Australia they believe in seeing everyone as equals and don’t look to show off or stand out often, which is very different from America, as we tend to celebrate our successes. It is cool to see how they treat people and accept everyone, regardless of their nationality, skin color, gender, etc. It is truly a very happy place to be.

The food here, although pretty similar to America as well has some unique items. One of these is vegemite, which is a very salty tasting spread, not for me. My favorite new snack is TimTams, a delicious chocolate wafer-like cookie. Sausage barbies are another huge community event, where people get together outside around a grill and cook sausages to put on bread (not buns)! I am vegetarian so I have not been able to participate in the food, but the events are a great way to socialize and meet new people.

Overall, Australia has been amazing so far, and the culture shock has not been too extreme. I can’t wait to share my new Aussie slang with my family back in America!

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