Typical Day in Sorrento by Isabella Varano

Monday mornings have become my favorite day of the week because it means I get to spend another day learning a new culture and its language. A typical day in my life starts with a cappuccino which can only drink before or during breakfast. While I do not often drink coffee in America, I knew I had to try it when I came to Italy and I have loved every cup so far! After breakfast, I will head to class at Sant’Anna Institute overlooking the Mediterranean sea and the Marina Grande while I practice speaking and writing Italian during class. After class, I pick up something fresh to eat like a Caprese sandwich or fresh fruit from a local stand, and head down to the beach. I will sit and enjoy the beautiful blue water and green cliffs of the coast for a few hours before heading back to my apartment on Corso Italia, the main road of Sorrento just a few feet from Piazza Tasso, the first piazza established in Sorrento. I will then get some homework done and catch up on emails before getting ready to either go out for dinner or cook at home. After dinner, which usually ends around 10 pm, my friends and I will often go out for gelato and talk to locals in the busy piazza. I have found that food is a very important topic in Italy and the locals are always excited to share their thoughts and recommendations. While Italy is not short of bread, meats, cheeses, and fine wine, local cuisine has been very fun to explore especially since we are near the water. In my time here I have tried many different foods and drinks including risotto with clams, local sea bass, sfogliatelle (a ricotta pastry), and the famous limoncello made here in the “City of Lemons.” Practicing my Italian at the grocery store has helped build my confidence in speaking the language. In Italy, locals go to the grocery much more frequently than in America. Many people I have spoken to said they will go at least once a day, this allows the ingredients they use to be fresh with fewer preservatives which also causes the short shelf-life of many common ingredients and produce. During my time here I will try to practice the Italian lifestyle and love every second of it!

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