Reflection by Ashley Butler

My time in Florence, Italy has ended, for now after a month of learning about Parent and Child Interactions based on Cultural Influences. This particular psychology course has taught me a lot for my future. Since I know that I want to work with children in the future, this class has taught me many lessons. Not only were my academic goals accomplished with learning about this subject but also I had personal goals accomplished. I was lucky enough to learn so much about Italian culture through museums, landmarks, talking with locals, and more. One of my goals that I had coming to Florence was to be able to immerse myself into Italian culture while learning many new things. I think that I accomplished this as I feel like I now know so much more about Italian history and families. My experience here has definitely made me want to travel as much as I can and possibly live abroad someday. I was a little scared and nervous coming abroad without knowing anyone but it truly made me grow in so many ways. There is so much to learn in the world outside of my bubble and I cannot wait to continue having these experiences. To anyone thinking about studying abroad, I would encourage you to do so even if you are unsure. Studying abroad will help make you more independent while learning about new cultures and history that you may not know about. Being abroad also can give you a global perspective on many things in life. You might even surprise yourself with how much you learn and grow during this experience whether it’s a short program or semester program. The last piece of advice I have is while you are abroad to make yourself do things out of your comfort zone. This will allow you to experience things in a new way and teach you skills that you will keep for a lifetime.

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