Living like a Local (5/31/22) by Andrew Bartholomey

I have tried various foods since living in Germany. I have tried Schnussel, Currywirst, and Turkish pizza to name a few food items. My favorite food item that I have tried has been Döner. Doner has been believed to have been started by a Turkish immigrant with its origins in Berlin. Doner is a sandwich made from Turkish flatbread and filled with shaved meat, vegetables, and a sauce. Most of the Doners I have had featured lamb in it with various vegetables and a yogurt like sauce in the middle. This is a food item I will not forget; this is one of the ways I have tried to connect with the locals. Whether it was the same food taste exchanging ideas and cultures in German this has been an unbelievable experience for me. Other ways I have tried to connect with locals is in sports. I attended an Alba Berlin game during my time in Berlin. This was a great experience as all the people in town that day and at the game had a shared passion for Alba Berlin basketball. The stadium and in game experience was like a college basketball game and was an unreal experience for my roommate and me. My experience with my host family has been nothing short of great. They have opened their arms to my roommate and I and have been great. My host mom loves to cook German traditional dishes, so I have had the opportunity to try various German dishes for breakfast and dinner. My host dad loves to share stories from his days growing up in Berlin and the various experiences from being in Berlin his whole life that he has had. A day living in Berlin for me consists of every morning eating German bread with Ham, Cheese, and Sausage. During the day, I spend my mornings in Carl Duisberg intensive language school to improve my German proficiency. After classes, I get lunch at a local café or restaurant and then explore the city for a couple hours before heading home for dinner. At night we have a new dish from a different part of Germany that our host mom prepares for us. At night, I will complete my homework and other tasks for the day before our nightly talks with our host dad. At night, our host dad will tell us a story about his time in Germany or an event that has occurred in recent years in Germany. After that I usually go to bed as my classes start very early in the morning. All an all, this has been a great experience for me to learn about a different culture firsthand through living it each day.

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