Inside the Classrooms by Kiara Williams

I really loved the experience inside the schools, it’s so cool to learn about how the education system works there. For starters I loved the message that they promoted about letting kids be kids. Inside pre-schools and even the middle schools they allowed them to be more outside and play… Also comparing that to American schoolings we only have lunch/recess for 20 minutes before we must go back to class. The classroom setup there is pretty well managed. Students don’t use phones or laptops daily. They are more textbook orientated which is great, it allows me connection with the teacher and other students. I also noticed that when it comes to the classroom in the middle schools, when classes are going to switch the teachers change rooms not students. I loved the environment and how each school was set up. It was a learning experience and I hope to incorporate some of what they do in my own classroom one day!

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