Reflection by Madeline Davis

I hate to scare you, but if you’re studying abroad you need to be prepared for the worst and hope for the best!! Your trip will go so smoothly if you do your research and prepare way ahead of time. There are so many little details to think about when traveling abroad, especially when it’s for extended periods of time. You need to remember things like the difference in outlets and voltage. If you’re in a foreign country for like more than a week you’ll need to look into an international phone plan or get a foreign SIM card. That being said, my study abroad experience exceeded my expectations. I got to see so much of Paris in just three weeks! Studying abroad now will definitely be a contributing factor if I live in Europe in the future. I actually learned that Paris, and many other cities/companies, offer grant-based work in physics and astrophysics. Every day when I was abroad I found another reason to move there. The program I was on had a lot of guest lectures and even a panel at the United Nations Environment Program in Geneva, Switzerland. Every talk we went to was related to the environment, business, or public health. It may not seem like these really applied to me or my major but I actually really enjoyed all of them and found them very useful. Like when we visited the World Health Organization, I was expecting to not relate to the material in the guest lecture. However, the talk was all about how the WHO coordinates research, the spread of information, and administers medical care worldwide. It wasn’t necessarily about public health research, but more about how we communicate with other people in different countries with different cultures and languages about medical care and public health. So, while I may have gone on this study abroad to complete an honors class while enjoying a foreign country, I also am walking away with a broader perspective on culture, communication, and environment and how those will be a part of my future.

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