Taking Advantage of the Sites by Hailey Sorrell

Trujillo has been amazing! I have gotten to travel around a new country that I would have never gotten the chance to if it weren’t for CofC. While preparing for my trip, I knew that I was going to be obligated to attend to certain sites and museums. I never really had any interest in going to some sites to learn about history, but I am so happy that I have been attending things that I would not have before. The coolest place I got to tour was La Alhambra, it was amazing. Since I was also in class, we had learned about the history of the city before attending, but once there I was able to fully grasp the significance of the city. I got to learn more about the architecture and history of the city. We were also able to ask as many questions as possible that we would not have thought of if we were not seeing it for ourselves. Another aspect to seeing everything in person is that it increases its importance and reality of the history behind whatever it is we are seeing. For example, Las Meninas is a painting by Diego Velasquez, and I had seen it many times before throughout my schooling, but never in person. I got to view this painting in the Prado (a museum in Madrid). It was incredible, I got to examine all the aspects we had talked about in class and see just how revolutionary the art was. My advice for everyone is to take advantage of expanding your knowledge and seeing the history in person. I have always thought that you can learn all you want in the classroom, but the experiences are what makes it more impactful and long lasting. The opportunity to see history will stick with me forever, although I did not think that before I got to do it.

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