Eating Like a Local by Ashley Butler

Arriving in Florence, Italy I was very excited to be immersed into Italian culture as quickly as I could. One of the ways that I was able to do this was by the love of food that both Italians and Americans share. I have been trying many different restaurants while in Florence, mostly being classic Italian dishes but some other cuisines. One of my favorites so far has been Trattoria ZaZa located in The Central Market of San Lorenzo. The pasta that I had was gnocchi in a truffle gorgonzola sauce that was recommended and it did not disappoint. I have also gotten into the habit of grabbing an espresso or cappuccino on the way to class at a cafe near my apartment. I have been going to this cafe so much that some of the Italian baristas now recognize me which I think is a fun way to interact with locals and it makes me feel a little like it’s home. I have fully enjoyed being able to try new dishes as well while in local restaurants all over Florence. One of the new dishes I tried was tuna carpaccio with dried raspberries on top which was delicious. I truly don’t think that going to a new city/country would be as much of a learning experience if I did not try new things. I have thoroughly enjoyed talking to waiters at different restaurants to learn about the history of it. Many of the restaurants are intergenerational and have been in the same location since they opened which is fascinating. Florence truly has so much to offer with their restaurant selections anywhere from Italian to French cuisine. I highly recommend expanding your palate while traveling abroad so that you get the full experience of wherever you are.

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