Intro by Andrew Bartholomey

Hey, my name is Andrew Bartholomey and I am an International Business and Finance major and a German and Economics minor. I chose the Summer Internship Program in German because I want to work and study International Business in an international country. For my major, it is a requirement to complete at least one study abroad so I thought this program would be great to not only complete that requirement but to also complete an international internship. This an offer I could not pass up. I have a lot of goals to complete during my summer study abroad but some of goals that I have set for myself are to learn the German language, culture, and business ideals they possess during my time in Europe. The German language is something that has always interested me, and I hope to improve on my proficiency this summer. The German culture and history are very rooted in Berlin.

The capital city is host to a lot of historical and cultural events throughout the years. I can not wait to see historical and cultural landmarks during my exploration of the city. German business ideals are something to learn during my internship. They operate very heavily on time and trust amongst other things I will learn during my internship. I have done some research over the years on my own time and in the several German classes I have taken through the duration of my College of Charleston career. I know that Germans are very punctual when it comes to time. It is very inappropriate to show up more than 5 minutes late without a good reason to why you are late. Germans also care a lot about the environment. Across German cities, they have several restricted areas for parking and museums to preserve and upkeep the environment. There was a divide in Germany after World War 2 so in different parts of Germany the culture and language can be different so that is something I have kept in mind before my study abroad. I am very excited to get over to Europe and to experience the German Culture firsthand. I hope to embrace the rich culture Germany has during my time in Berlin and Munich this summer.

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