Food by Kiara Williams

The food in Italy is so amazing!! I honestly haven’t had that much pasta in so long. It was super cool to get spoiled with food from our host families whether it was lunch or dinner, the meal was always great. Dinner was the best time; we were always at home. Dinner was at 8pm every night, we always had some type of pasta. Which we ate until we couldn’t anymore. In Italy with our families, they literally would bring out so much food until we said enough which was so cool because in America it isn’t like that unless it’s a holiday. We would learn so much about the history of Italian foods from our host dad (Marco) while we ate a ton. We even asked him about if alfredo is an Italian dish (which it’s not), and our host mom (Tina) didn’t even know what it was. But after we talked about the next night for dinner Marco made what he called “Italian styled alfredo” for us, even though it’s not a thing in Italy. Another thing which may come as a surprise to most Americans is coffee is not something that comes in a “venti” size. Most coffees are small and are given after any meal throughout the day. It was cool to experience that! I believe my favorite food I had throughout my two weeks there would either be pizza or any meal we had with our host families that involved zucchini!!

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