Reflection by Vineel Prathipati

The biggest advice I would have for future students regarding studying abroad is to have an open mind. For many, studying abroad is often a life changing or career altering opportunity. If you allow yourself to be open to the different cultures and environment around you, then you will truly be amazed with how much you have grown. That was one main personal goal I had for myself and as a result I was able to meet some really amazing, knowledgeable people who made the experience even more rewarding. My study abroad experiences greatly helped further my decision to decide to pursue medicine as I was able to witness medicine as a whole. I have spent the majority of my time in clinical/laboratory settings but being able to learn the history of medicine and see the evolution of it was so blissful to me and it really helped affirm my decision on my future career path. I think studying abroad really showed me how diverse people in this world are, not just through race/ethnicity, but mentality. After becoming close with the locals and experiencing the way of life in Paris, it really showed me that sometimes you have to take a step back from the current moment and soak it all in rather than running through life like a marathon. Personally, that was a very rewarding lesson for me to learn as us college students often spend so much time racing through life rather than enjoying it. As my program has come to an end and all the memories have been cemented in, I definitely plan on studying abroad again in the near future. I think being able to go on an experience like this during undergrad is a very valuable experience as it can really open your eyes to a world of possibilities and especially when you are young, these experiences and sights are crucial.



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