Panama City by Julia Piermattei

Panama City was a large, populated city with many tourist things to do.  We mainly visited the Panama Canal and the Old Panama City.  I learned a lot about the Old Panama City.  This part of the city is considered the second Panama City and is on the outskirts of the new Panama City.  The first was attacked by Europeans and is no longer standing.  The new Panama City is where all of the businesses are and can be seen by all of the skyscrapers. In the Old Panama City, we visited the Central Church which is where Panama gained their independence from Spain in the 1500’s and Colombia in the 1900’s.  The church was beautiful inside with many sculptures and artwork around pews.  The Church was in the square where a market was held by the locals selling their handmade items like baskets, blankets, jewelry, wallets, hats, magnets, and so many other things.  We also visited the wall designed to protect from Spanish invaders in the 1500’s.  The wall was very big and it had a dungeon underneath it and we could even see the dungeon cells looking down from the wall!  We went to many restaurants in this area such as the Fish Market where I had amazing seafood.  I also learned a lot from visiting the Panama Canal outside of the city.  I did not know that the construction of the Panama Canal was started by the French but then sold to the USA to finish construction in the early 1900’s.  Now there is also a new Panama Canal that was finished very recently that is also in operation and it runs parallel to the old one.  We watched a ship go through the old Panama and I was amazed with how intricate the design of the canal was.  Water is constantly being pumped in and/or depleted in between the lock systems.  It amazed me that this technology was created more than 100 years ago.  Exploring the history and walking throughout the city, especially along the water’s edge overlooking the Pacific Ocean were my highlights of sightseeing Panama City.

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