Germany by Joshua King

Since I have been studying in Germany nearly every day has consisted of me experiencing many new and amazing things. The academic portion of my program was phenomenal, and I was emersed in an environment that hosted students from all over the world. I met people from Cameroon, Egypt, Turkey, The Ukraine, South Korea and so on. Even though I was in a foreign place with foreign people the instruction period was probably the most stress-free course I have ever taken. This is in stark contrast to the typical lectures that I am accustomed to back home where I usually feel the most pressure to perform well. I loved going to class every day and became rather depressed after completion and when I knew I would not return. Outside of the classroom I have visited many historical landmarks, statues, museums, and buildings. Seeing these places was almost surreal to me and it is hard to comprehend how some of the magnificent architecture and sculptures of centuries past could be so flawlessly designed and constructed without the modern technological tools of today. Examples of the most impressive sights that I have seen so far include Prague Castle, The Brandenburg Gate, The Victory Column, The Berlin Cathedral, and Museum Island. Museum Island hosts several separate museums packed full of ancient history from Germany and all over the world. Touring all of them takes a couple of days and miles of walking but it was very worth it. I got to see many of the famous works of art that I studied in art history. Some of the most impressive pieces came from the eras of the Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans. Though there has been an abundance of external sources of knowledge, perhaps the most important thing that I have learned on this trip was about myself. Before this study abroad trip, I considered myself very introverted and liked to stay comfortable in the environment I had become so familiar with. However, it is critical that we step outside of our comfort zones to achieve the things we want. I am thankful for this opportunity to study abroad because it has taught me that I am capable of a lot more socially than I expected. It has been a lot of fun spending time with so many people from different cultures and even spending time with the other students from my home. I have made many new friendships and learned way more about the world than I thought I would.

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