A Day in the Life in Siracusa by Lexie DelViscio

Most days in Siracusa, Sicily (or Syracuse) if I don’t feel like making breakfast I start my morning by going to the local cafe next to my apartment called Cafetiamo. Here I always order an espresso or a cappuccino, and a croissant filled with Pistachio Crema. After breakfast I head to the school for one of my two classes either Mediterranean Food Systems or Marine Ecology and Biodiversity of the Mediterranean. I usually have both of these classes, however unlike in America we don’t have a set daily class schedule here and our class days, as well as times, rotate weekly. Between my classes I either go home to cook lunch or grab an Arancino or Panini at one of the local delis/bakeries close to the school. If I only have class in the morning, for my free afternoons I head to the beach in Ortigia, an Island connected to Siracusa that is full of landmarks, restaurants, shops, the local markets, and beaches. Most of my free time is spent exploring Ortigia or relaxing on either the rocky beach or the “stage beach” which is similar to a large dock where you can lay out your towel or just leave your stuff on while you swim. Ortigia, like the rest of Siracusa and much of Sicily, is full of a rich history due to the area being occupied and controlled by many different cultures throughout history. Right at the start of Ortigia the remains of the Temple of Apollo still stand and are a popular attraction. Out of the many original pillars there are still two almost perfectly intact dating back to the 6th or 7th century BCE. The duomo in Ortigia is also the old temple of Athena, and the pillars of this renovated church can still be seen on the side of the building. The main fountain in Ortigia is the Fountain of Diane (Artemis in greek mythology) So, as can be seen there are not only Roman and Italian influences here there is also a large Greek influence from the early inhabitants of the Island. Siracusa itself also houses an archaeological museum which holds the old Greek theater dating back to the 3rd or 4th century BCE. However, in my experience here Siracusa feels much more residential than the more touristy Ortigia. The weather has been wonderful, albeit hot, and it has yet to rain here. The gorgeous landscape and enticing culture has very much made me fall in love with the east coast of Sicily.


The fountain of Diane
The stage Beach at sunset

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