Intro by Reese Dickerhoff

Hello! My name is Reese David Dickerhoff and I am a senior at the College of Charleston. I am a political science and history double major in the Honors College with a concentration in politics, philosophy, and law. For my study abroad I am in London, United Kingdom for a month to study Brexit and the history of the United Kingdom post World War II. I chose this program due to my interest in politics and due to a real blind spot in my knowledge base as it pertains to our neighbors “across the pond.” What I am really looking to glean from this experience is a greater sense of the economic implications of the European Union on the United States, but also a better contextualization of British history.

In my mind this trip is also dedicated to my parents, as they have done so much to put me in this situation. I am incredibly grateful for all they have done for me throughout college, and this trip is a true reflection of that. I am looking forward to kicking off this trip, but also looking forward to being home with you all soon. Cheers!




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