Intro by Allison Carter

Hi!! My name is Allison Carter, and I am a rising junior at the College. I am a Public Health major and a Religious Studies minor. This summer, I am spending four weeks in Lisbon, Portugal completing HONS 390 Evidence-Based Medicine and my Honors Immersed Research project in the CofC Honors in Portugal Program. I chose this program after it was recommended to me by one of the professors leading the trip. I have always wanted to travel, and I am incredibly interested in all of the topics being discussed during the time of this program. I will be able to take care of more Honors credits and my Honors Immersed program outside of the traditional school year thus freeing up more space in my schedule to take other classes. During my time abroad, I hope to widen my food palette, learn more about public green spaces, and strengthen my Portuguese language skills. I have researched some about the culture and customs of Portugal, and I have tried to teach myself some Portugues in preparation for this trip. I have an entire Pinterest board of places to visit, food to try, and experiences to partake in. I cannot wait for this trip, and I’m so grateful for the scholarship that made it possible for me to be able to attend.


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