Intro by Marlee Lord

Marlee Lord

Art History and Historic Preservation/ Urban Studies and Studio Art


API Florence Business, Art and Culture/ Lorenzo de’ Medici: The Italian International Institute

I chose this program because after researching my options for a summer abroad this program sounded like my perfect fit! I am deeply passionate about history, art, and architecture so as the birthplace of the Renaissance, Florence was a no-brainer to immerse myself in what I love. I also have a strong Italian heritage, which furthered my interest in traveling to Italy.

During my time abroad I plan to experience as much of the history and culture as I can. I want to take every opportunity to cultivate a deeper appreciation of the Italian culture and my Italian heritage. By the end of my program, my goal is to be familiar with not only the history of Florence’s art and architecture but be able to understand and navigate the modern city as well. I would also like to be proficient enough to have a basic conversation in Italian. This goal is going to be difficult, but I think trying to learn Italian will help me in my other goals of immersing myself in the culture.

I have taken a few classes on Renaissance art which have prepared me with a base knowledge of the art and architecture of Florence. I also know a decent amount about Italian culture through my family’s connection to the country. I have also been practicing Italian using an online program to jumpstart my learning of the language.

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