Lisbon by NyEmma Drakes

I have currently been in Lisbon for over three weeks. I think I am starting to feel less like a tourist, at least in the area I am staying in. I suppose I can attribute that to me being here for a few weeks. However, I think it is also because of the area I am in and the things I have been doing. We are staying in a hotel outside of downtown Lisbon, so it is not as busy and touristy. On days I do not have class, I enjoy taking walks around different neighborhoods in the city or visiting some parks nearby. The Gulbenkian Park is one that I love. It is a fairly large park with several gardens filled with beautiful flowers and plants and sculptures. There’s also plenty of seating to do work or just look at the many features of the park, including some very cute ducks. My roommate and I go to small cafes and restaurants around the hotel we are staying at, to feel more like locals. Most places have outside seating with little to no seating indoors, which was new to me. Although I usually am not a fan of eating outdoors, I have grown to enjoy it. The beautiful trees on the streets with the blooming flowers make for great scenery to admire while eating a delicious meal. Speaking of meals, my favorite Portuguese food I have tried so far has to be pastel de nata. It is a dessert made with egg custard and puff pastry. I love the sweet custard mixed with the crispy and flaky crust. I also really like the seafood here. Since Portugal is near the water, the seafood is always fresh. A traditional Portuguese dish using that seafood is codfish cakes. They are basically codfish fried into little fritters and usually paired with tomato rice. Overall, I’ve been enjoying my time here so far.

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