Travel Opportunities Abroad by Lydia Klumb

One of the things that makes me most excited about my time abroad is the opportunities I have had to travel to so many different places. Travel within the EU is much easier (and cheaper) than in the US. I have been fortunate enough to go to 8 different countries, some multiple times, during just the short five months I have spent abroad, and plan to go to at least one more before I leave. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would have such an opportunity. I have learned so much about not only the countries I am traveling to, but also about myself. I have had to book flights, hostels, trains, buses, hotel rooms, and plan entire week long trips by myself, contributing to a stronger sense of independence and confidence in myself to be able to get things done in an organized and efficient manner. The wide variety and low cost of transportation, combined with the relaxed class schedule and low workload of university here has made it incredibly easy to take advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity. I spent 4 days in Italy, flew back to The Netherlands for a day for class, then turned right around and flew to London, spent two days there and took an overnight bus to Edinburgh for two days before returning to The Netherlands. I have taken multiple day trips to Amsterdam, just a short two hour train ride from Groningen (the city I stay in). One of my biggest goals in life is to travel and experience new cities, countries, and cultures, and studying abroad has allowed me to fulfill this dream. I have also made so many new international friends, through whom I have been able to learn more about the cultures of their home countries, some of which I haven’t yet had the opportunity to visit. I have learned so much about myself through my time abroad and traveling to so many new place, and can’t wait to return to Charleston as someone who “knows thyself” even more.

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