Living Like a Local by Vineel Prathipati

Hi everyone, so far Paris has been unreal. Where shall I even start. . . the food here is absolutely out of this world. One thing that was on my agenda for this study abroad was to indulge myself into the culture and lifestyle as much as possible, and so no better place to start than with their authentic food. One of my favorite dishes that I have tried is called Tartiflette, a creamy potato-based dish, which is very native to France. The picture does not give the dish half of the justice that it deserves, however if you are able to get the chance to go to Paris or even better, study abroad there, this dish is an absolute must. What I found most interesting during this authentic dining experience was the amount of time spent dining. The Parisians would sit down anywhere from one and half hours to three hours. That is something I think that in our culture we don’t really do, take in each moment and step back and look at the beauty within each breath. Usually if you are to go to a café in Paris, you would see that no one would be on their phones, everyone would just be sitting out and soaking in their city and every single moment. That is something that particularly changed me, after spending a few days in Paris, I noticed myself not gravitating to my phone every second and rather chatting with the person next to me or enjoying the beautiful city. With all the walking done each day, looking forward to a good Parisian or French dinner was often the best part of the day. Another thing that I loved about Paris is its many different districts. If you were to talk one mile, it would look like a completely different area than where you just were with a completely different ethnic population, resulting in a vast diversity in the selection of food. When it comes to food, there is nothing that tops a good French meal. Thank you Paris.

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