France and Switzerland by Madeline Davis

So far, all of the pizza and pasta we have tried here are absolutely delicious. But, the more traditional French foods I have tried and really like are croque monsieur/madame and all of the pastries, coffee, and hot chocolate. A croque monsieur is basically a fancy grilled ham and cheese and it’s delicious; a croque madame is the same thing, just with a fried egg on top. All of the bakeries in France are full of decadent and beautiful desserts and pastries. I have had more croissants than I can count. Also, the hot chocolate here is the richest hot chocolate I have ever had. I haven’t had much of a chance to connect with the locals but I did feel a slight comrade when no one knew which direction the next train was going, including the French. But, we have all bonded with the people from our program provider. They have been keeping us very very busy, so each day is a new adventure. We usually all eat the same breakfast together at Maison d’Espagne and then head to the train station right outside of Cite Universitaire to start our day. Most days we go to a museum or two and go on a guided tour somewhere with free time for lunch and dinner.  If we are at Cite Universitaire for lunch we usually go to the crepe stand out front because they have delicious tea and paninis. We actually did make friends with the man at the crepe stand; he was very friendly and spoke five languages. If we were at Cite around dinner time we would sit on the big grass lawn and talk for hours afterward. All of our guided tours were really amazing, but I definitely have a favorite. When we were in Geneva, Switzerland to visit the World Health Organization we went on a guided walking tour of Old Town Geneva. Our guide’s name was Antoinette and she was super friendly and also pretty funny. She said hi and made jokes with a lot of people we passed on the street too, which you wouldn’t expect from a European.

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