Intro by Sydney Pearson

Hi guys! My name is Sydney Pearson, and I am a rising sophomore in the Honors College here at CofC. I am a Systems Engineering major with a minor in Mathematics. Currently, I am sitting on the deck of my childhood home writing to you in between Calculus II classes and assignments. I opted to spend the first half of my summer knocking out this math class (and hopefully finding some time to relax) before I leave the states in early July. I am participating in CofC’s study abroad in Trujillo, Spain for the Summer II session, and I could not be more excited!

I have always had my heart set on studying abroad at some point during my college career, but this is not always the most practical choice as an engineering major. However, I saw this short summer session as the perfect opportunity to round out my foreign language requirement while also going on a little adventure. Thank goodness I made this decision; I could already not be more satisfied with preparations for the trip and meetings I have had with my peers/travel buddies. Although I am a little stressed about packing and making sure I do not forget anything important, I know that everything will fall into place when the time comes.

My main goals that I have set for my time abroad are to become more comfortable speaking Spanish conversationally, and to completely immerse myself in the Spanish culture with no reservations. I have never been out of the US before, so I know that experiencing another country will be completely out of my comfort zone. However, I plan to approach this experience with a completely open mind and make sure I appreciate all aspects of the culture. I ultimately hope to gain a more worldly and informed perspective of different cultures upon returning from this trip.

Over the course of the past year at College of Charleston, I have learned so much about Spain and Spanish culture. One of my wonderful friends I made at the college is actually a study abroad student who was born and raised in Barcelona. She really sparked my interest in Spanish culture and always had an interesting mannerism, custom, or food item to share. I can’t wait to see some of the things she has spoken about in person and try some of the food she has made in its country of origin. Keep an eye out for updates once I leave for my trip. See you soon, Trujillo!


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