Exploring Paris by Anna Rowe

This week was no short of surprises. Last week I was assimilating to French culture while also getting over jet lag. I think the secret to pushing through jet lag is to stay up all day. It was torturous at first, but it definitely helped me adjust to the 6 hour time difference. After my body adjusted, I was enthusiastic while exploring Paris. The food here is incredibly delicious. I had the best strawberry tart ever in my life, and the gelato here is not only pretty, but bursting with flavor. I don’t know how I am going to be able to eat American food after my time spent here. In between eating wonderful French cuisine and tours of Paris, we had some time to have class. Dr. B is such an engaging and passionate teacher, he made 4 hours fly by. The class that I am taking is called: The Future of Humanity in a Technological Tomorrow. It falls under an honors colloquium requirement, so it was heavily discussion and reflection based. I really enjoyed talking about how AI systems could potentially transform our lives and the different ways that it already has. Although I am not a Public Health major, visiting Public Health related museums allowed me to gain knowledge about things that I wouldn’t normally be open to, since I am terrible at science. Now that I have learned a bit more about CRISPR, AI systems, and the fate of a technological society, I have noticed how much we are influenced by our technological tools and how important they are in terms of human functioning. It was also great to be able to learn in a Parisian setting with Notre Dame a few metro stops away!


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