Intro by Sydney Skipper

Hi! My name is Sydney Skipper and I am a Public Health Major and an upcoming Senior. I am studying abroad this summer in Amsterdam in the Netherlands through the Public Health Major at the College of Charleston. I chose this program mainly because it is through the College and it is also through my major. I am going to be taking classes specified to my major and that are required to graduate. I also look forward to having professors from the College teaching us. Since the program is small, we only have about twelve students going. I am excited to build friendships with everyone on the trip as well as become close with and make connections with people that I am graduating with the same future interests as. While I am abroad, I look forward to traveling around the country and exploring its history. My family is traced back to the Netherlands so I am very excited to see where my ancestors came from. I also am intrigued to view the culture and understand how life can be so much different from us for people across the world, as well as maybe learn how the outside world view’s the United States. My first goal is to grow as a person of society and become more well rounded in understanding different cultures of life. I also have a goal to excel in the class that I am taking, especially since it is an upper level class. I hope to travel to other countries on my days free. I have thoroughly enjoyed researching dutch food that is eaten in the Netherlands. I am excited to try so many new foods and expand my palate of taste. Overall, I am ecstatic to be blessed and able to complete this educational trip of a lifetime and learn more and grow as a person.


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