Introduction Post by Jillian Gray

Bonjour, je m’appelle Jillian! I am a junior at the College of Charleston. I am majoring in Public Health with double minors in Biology and Chemistry. I am studying abroad in Paris, France, and Geneva, Switzerland with the College of Charleston.  This study abroad experience offers a Global Health special topics course and an honors special topics course. As an honors college student and Public Health major, this study abroad experience was perfect for me. The Global Health class focuses on immigration and refugee health in France, while the honors class focuses on the effects of emerging AI and biotechnologies on humanity.

My primary goal for this study abroad experience is to identify key health barriers for immigrants in France and potential solutions. Before traveling to France, I performed extensive research on the political climate of France and its attitudes towards asylum seekers and migrants. Through this study abroad experience, I hope to further my knowledge of the health barriers that refugees face when immigrating to France and what political, economic, and social institutions are available to alleviate these health barriers. I also would like to investigate potential health intervention plans that could be implemented to improve the immigration process.


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