First Week in Paris by Anna Rowe

I am currently in Europe. I feel so lucky to be able to write that sentence. Ever since I heard the beautiful stories of my parents traveling to Italy, I knew that one day I would have to be the one sharing my own stories. When I first laid my eyes on the bustling streets of Paris, I immediately knew that I would never forget this experience. Our first week was a bit overwhelming. We were all determined to see everything there is to experience in Paris. One of my favorite activities that we did was the Seine River Cruise. The view was unique, we passed the famous Eiffel tour and learned about the history of the river. It was amazing to see Paris from this perspective, the canal structure was amazing. Another activity that I will never forget was visiting the Louvre Museum. I was in the same room as the Mona Lisa! It was incredible to be inches away from art pieces that we have learned so much about in class. I also read The Da Vinci Code, so I was kind of freaking out when I saw the Pyramid that stands outside the massive building. Speaking of buildings, the churches here are absolutely breathtaking. The extravagence that they hold is nothing compared to other churches I have visited. Notre Dame is a beauty in itself, but the Church of Saint Sulpice is a hidden gem. Overall, I would say that the first week in Paris was everything I could expect, from the delicious croissants to the striking gothic architecture. I cannot wait to see what next week brings.


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