My Favorite Day Abroad by Ana Koulianos

My favorite day abroad was during our last port in Lisbon, Portugal. It was a mixture of adventurous, historical, and cultural, but my favorite part was getting to spend this day with 10 of my best friends.

Our day began early in the morning, as we were all stressed out to find an Uber to drive us an hour and a half outside of Lisbon, as we had reservations to go skydiving! After a few Ubers had cancelled on us since they didn’t want to drive all the way out there, one driver accepted our trip and ended up being the reason why our day was so perfect. Thiago was our driver and called his colleague Joycey to bring another car to pick up the other half of our group. We drove us all the way to the skydiving site and were greeted by the most incredible staff at Skydive Portugal. Skydiving was incredible, and a feeling like no other, I would do it over and over again! Afterwards, we were surprised with a giant cookout, prepared by the Skydiving staff. They invited us to eat with them, as they loved our energy and laughter. Our drivers then drove us back to Lisbon, but we stopped last minute at a go kart track. We heard that Joycey and Thiago were really fast, so we invited them to drive with us! It ended up being so much fun and a lot harder than it looked. Joycey and Thiago beat all of us by a mile!

After we left the go karting track, Thiago told us that he was taking us to a surprise location to watch the sunset. We had no idea where we were going but it was the most incredible view! We overlooked the whole city of Lisbon and saw the statue of Christ the Redeemer, similar to the one in Brazil. Overall, we had the most amazing time but the best part was the new friends we made, Joycey and Thiago, who were the ones who truly made this day unforgettable!

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