Intro by Eve Alexander

Hola! My name is Eve Alexander and I am a double major in Sociology and Spanish entering my senior year this coming fall. I am currently in Trujillo, Spain as part of the CofC Faculty-led program on Spanish language, literature, and culture. I decided to participate in this program because it is extremely pertinent to my major and will help improve my fluency immensely in Spanish. I also chose this program because I absolutely love Spain. The culture, cuisine, people, geography, architecture, language and so much more! I went to Spain around six years ago with a school group and fell in love, and now because of that adventure in Spain I am a Spanish major! One of the differences I love about Spain is the relaxed lifestyle. The majority of people take breaks for rest in the middle of the work day and they have much more flexible hours. Spaniards also tend to take life at a slower pace and truly enjoy moments together. My goals while studying abroad in Trujillo are to improve my fluency, immerse myself in Spanish culture and history, get to know my host family very well, and to be open to new experiences whether it be trying new foods or going out with my family to fiestas. While these are my initial goals I also want to make sure I get good grades, eat healthy, maintain happiness, and make new friends! Throughout all of my semesters at CofC I have studied Spain in some shape or form, whether it be early history, the 17 autonomous communities, traditions, food, and differences between Spain and the United States. In some of my classes I have also researched specific traditions, and festivals/events that occur in certain cities. All in all I am very excited to be here in Trujillo and to explore Spanish culture and language!

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