Study Abroad Reflection by Daylon Murphy

This trip has been a hugely important moment for me in my life. Over this time I have met new people, learned more about Spanish culture, lived a life very different than my own in the states, and understood a brand new language. Trujillo itself has brought me so much joy. From the locals of the town to the landscape I have been in awe of its beauty. It has also helped me to self-evaluate the choices I have made in my life. I have always been someone to agree and carry on. Never wanting to share my opinions in fear that someone would disagree and no longer want to be my friend. Those are not the kinds of people I want to be friends with, I want people that can have a civilized conversation about the hard things. Also, I have realized that what I say matters, it may sound simple but when everyone around you is so upfront you are forced to get straight to the point. This does not mean people just get a pass for being rude because there are people that took advantage of knowing the Americans don’t know a thing about Spanish culture. This trip has given me time to evaluate the people awaiting me in the states and appreciate the friendships I have made. I am a people person but it has always been hard to know who I could trust opening up to and when I did I got so in my head making it a big deal. I can say that I have a very different attitude coming with me back to the states, I feel like my emotions have leveled up. Lastly, I am just so appreciative of the kindness my host family has given me. My mom is one of the most supportive people ever and has helped me to see there is a balance in life between work, relaxation, and family. All can be enjoyed in the ratio you are comfortable with. 

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