Third Month in Spain by Lindsay Stravolo

As I enter my third month living in Spain, I can’t help but feel so at home and adapted to the Spanish culture. I am eating the best food I have ever had, frequently traveling to different cities, learning the language, and making new connections with locals. My host family is very social so with that comes many reunions with family and friends. This is super beneficial because I am able to practice Spanish with people of different ages and accents. Though this is a great way to improve my Spanish-speaking skills, it does not beat the experience of actually living with a host family. I live with two amazing people who make every day so special. I have a close relationship with both of them, as we share a lot in common. Marta, my host mother, is an athlete like myself so we enjoy playing various sports together after class and work. Carlos, my host brother, is a soccer coach so we share the passion for soccer together. They both have the best sense of humor and are patient with me as I learn the Spanish language.

A typical day in my life here in Spain is a little bit different than my everyday schedule in Charleston, SC. I wake up and immediately get ready for the day. I drink coffee with Marta and eat a small breakfast before class. Breakfast is not as common here so that has been a bit of a culture shock since I am used to eating a three course meal for breakfast! All of my classes are in Spanish since I am finishing my Spanish minor here. Depending on the day, I either have one or three classes. After I am finished with class in the ancient restored convent, I head back to my house for lunch with my host family. Afterwards, I typically do homework or take an hour nap before going on a run or playing Fronton, a game similar to tennis. I try to get exercise every day because there are so many things to do outside and the views are incredible. I am so fortunate to have come to Spain with such a fun, diverse group from the College. We love to get together to study, hang out, listen to music, and explore. After we are done with homework and class for the day, it is fun to relax in their company and reflect on the day. Sometimes, depending on the week, our work schedule can be a little overwhelming. Even on those days, I can’t help but feel so blessed to even be here. I absolutely love Spain and I love being able to experience such a unique, beautiful culture with some incredible people. 

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