Culture, Customs, and Traditions: Football in the UK by Olivia Yalden

In the UK, football is a huge part of the culture and is a lively event that immerses people within their community and their pride to certain teams and locations. I was eager to get to London to experience this special tradition and was hoping it would live up to my expectations of excitement, and it did. Not only have I enjoyed attending football games during my time in London, but I also felt that it has connected me more to the locals in the community of London as a whole. This was an aspect of the football game that was unexpected but appreciated. During my first football match in London, I experienced similarities and differences between a normal soccer game in the United States. Personally, I felt the spirit among the fans was extremely vibrant and more enthusiastic compared to games I have been to in the United States. I also felt a sense of community and “togetherness” between the fans, by chanting the same chants and conversing with strangers next to me. Many people were extremely friendly and were excited for my first football match at their favorite team’s stadium. The fans also took pride in their team’s history, players, and current standing against other local teams. This was an extremely interesting experience to me, and I enjoyed feeling like part of the community so quickly into my time being in London. I valued how the teams make their own community and feel like a big family during the games. Overall, before I came to London, I was aware that football was a big cultural aspect in the UK but after attending games and seeing this firsthand, I realize how special this tradition is and understand better why so many people are extremely passionate about it in the UK and specifically in London.

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