Stirling by Adam Schaich

Hello again!

Today I’ll be sharing an update on my life in Stirling, Scotland.

There are many little things that I have found to be both similar and different to life back in the states. It has proven to be a challenge and an incredible experience to live here.

Starting with the most basic parts of life, I am living in a ten person flat on campus. We each have our own rooms, bathrooms, and a shared kitchen space. There is no meal plan at Stirling like there is at CofC, but there is a subsizided restaurant. This means that for the most part, we are entirely self-reliant with regards to food. Cooking on my own was already a leap in a new direction last semester, but now I am tasked with grocery shopping and preparing food in a foreign country, with different typical diets and products. However, I have managed very well in adapting to life here.

Every couple days, I can either walk or take the bus to the nearest Tesco, their main grocery chain. It is about a 3 mile walk to Tesco, which has everything one needs for cooking. However, they also have local products, and some of the food items native to this country I have found my self enjoying include crumpets, Terry’s Chocolate Orange, and tea. Every room here is equipped with a electric kettle, which makes drinking tea a part of every day life. Aside from adjusting to walking to the grocery store and living without a car, I have been able to explore the surrounding areas relying entirely on trains, buses, and my own two feet.

Since the public transportation is very well developed here, I am able to visit most of what Scotland has to offer without needing a personal vehicle. I have also joined the mountaineering club here at the University of Stirling, and greatly enjoy hiking in the nearby hills on the weekend. I will include a picture of summiting the nearby hill “Dumyat.” Other recreational activities for me have included peaceful walks around the lovely secluded campus and enjoying the multitude of cafes and coffee shops in the nearby towns. That is all for me today, thank you!

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