Global Classroom- Exploring the City of London by Olivia Yalden

After being in London for about 2 months now, I can confidently say the academics of my program have been very different but also very exciting and enriching compared to courses and schoolwork at the College of Charleston. From a technical standpoint, there are less tiny assignments due more frequently, but rather 2 or 3 major assignments for the course that are weighted heavily in determining your final grade. This was an interesting transition to make because I had to adjust to keeping track of my independent readings and rely on my time management skills more often. While this can be seen as more responsibility, it also allows learning more on my own pace and helps me break down material on my own.

Additionally, courses abroad have focused more heavily on experiential opportunities outside of the classroom in order to encourage exploration of London and different aspects of the big city I now call home. We have been on numerous tours to museums like the British Museum for politics class, Tate Modern Museum for performing arts and social change, have attended a “Jack the Ripper” Tour for a psychology of crime course, and have even explored different cafes in the area to compare their marketing materials for a new media and behavior course. These experiences have not only supplemented my learning material in a positive way, as I have been able to connect class lecture material to real world events, but also gives me the opportunity to see the city in different ways and be exposed to different cultural and historical events present in the city. I appreciate this experiential learning because it makes me feel as though I am making the most out of my time in London while also learning through our course material. Overall, the courses abroad make the city my classroom and allow me to explore London with a student lens.

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