Intro by Rylie Talmadge

Salama! My name is Rylie Talmadge, and I am a junior majoring in Marine Biology and minoring in Psychology and Environmental and Sustainability Studies. Currently I am studying abroad with SIT in Tanzania. In deciding where to study abroad, I limited my search to marine-focused and immersive experiences, hopefully with the ability to conduct hands on fieldwork which directed me to SIT Coastal Ecology and Marine Resource Studies. I was particularly drawn to marine conservation research as it offers the chance to make an environmental impact and even publish my findings. I am thrilled at the aspect of bonding with like-minded peers and advisors in conjunction with the traditions and wisdom of island culture. I aim to push for systemic change and more climate-responsible policies and practices in my local, national, and global communities. Primarily, I desire to grow as a student, researcher, and global citizen. Unfortunately, there is very little media representation of Tanzania partly due to governmental regulations and partly due to its remoteness. However, I discovered Tanzania’s widely diverse environments, from the exhilarating wildlife in the Serengeti, to one of the highest peaks on Mount Kilimanjaro, to the white beaches of Zanzibar where I’ll be spending most of my time.

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