Living Like a Local by Daniella Johansson

After being here for a couple weeks, in Trujillo Spain, I have tried and experienced many new foods. Not only have I tried new foods, I have learned some new recipes as well. Every food I have tried and loved I’ve ask how to make it in order to be able to bring it back to the United States to bring the culture. My favorite food I have tried is called “huevos rotos”. This plate is made of stove top fried eggs, jamón ibérico, and potatoes. The eggs here are amazing. This is probably because they go pick the eggs from the farms every day here. The golf of the eggs are so creamy. It’s amazing to dip your bread in once you have finished. Also, the jamón ibérico is very good because the autonomous community of Extremadura is known for their jamón ibérico. If anyone were to ever come to Spain, I recommend they try this plate. It is found everywhere at all the restaurants. On the other hand, my host family also makes it often. They have been so welcoming and open to having me in their house. They have taught me so many new recipes while also many different cultural practices. They have made me feel like a part of their own family. Everyday I eat lunch with them and we all talk about our days. I then continue to do homework and explore around town to meet friends. Later, around 9, I come to eat dinner. Although it may seem late, it is pretty typical for Spanish families to eat dinner anytime after 8:30. It was hard to get accustomed to at first, but now I appreciate finishing the night off late with my family. We can finish talking about our days and go to sleep with full stomachs.

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