Intro by Ana Koulianos

Hi! My name is Ana Koulianos and I’m embarking on the spring 2022 voyage of Semester at Sea. This voyage we’re exploring the Mediterranean, visiting 12 different countries over the course of 4 months. Travelling on a ship during the pandemic has been tough and our voyage has been ever changing. In June 2021, our voyage was changed from visiting 4 different continents to just Europe and Morocco. But a few weeks after embarkation, Morocco was taken off the itinerary and the voyage changed yet again. Although I’m disappointed on the changing ports of call, I’m so appreciative to the SAS administration for continuing along with the voyage. It has only been five weeks and I have already enjoyed some of the best moments of my life and met new lifelong best friends. 

This voyage, we will be visiting Italy, Greece, Cyprus, Croatia, Malta, Spain, Portugal, France, Scotland, Poland, Sweden, and Germany.

I’m majoring in supply chain management and minoring in global logistics and transportation at the College of Charleston. I chose Semester at Sea because I wanted to seize the opportunity of visiting 12 different countries instead of just 1. One of SAS’ main priorities for students is to enhance their global perspective. We have been exploring so many different cultures in our global studies class and in each port that has grown our minds to truly become global citizens.

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