Intro by Ciana Feliccia

Hi, my name is Ciana Feliccia. I am a senior communications major at the College of Charleston. I chose my study abroad program for its unique faculty-led nature, its Tuscan location and culturally enriched studies. Although, I like to think my program chose me as well. Throughout my undergraduate studies, I had applied for, anticipated, and hoped for an opportunity to study abroad. The pandemic brought so much uncertainty, I felt easily discouraged. Yet, I never lost sight of my ambition to experience the world from a grander perspective. In my final semester of College, I can take pride knowing that I accomplished a goal I set for myself well before stepping on the maroon bricks of campus. This is an opportunity that I sincerely intend to appreciate in every respect. I intend to keep a journal that encapsulates my experience and appreciation while abroad. This will allow me to not only absorb everything around me, but also reflect on what I hope to remember about the journey.

In anticipation for my C of C faculty-led programĀ in Florence, Italy, I have done ample research on the city, culture, and language that will surround me. This research has helped inform the list of attractions that I hope to see while living in Florence. With both academic and personal endeavors in mind, I look forward to challenging myself within the confines of both. As a student, I want to become more engaged with my studies. As for personal connections, I look forward to developing meaningful friendships and creating lasting memories.

In my final semester of undergraduate studies, this program helps me fulfill academic stepping stones towards my degree while also allowing me to stay connected to the College. Although I am sad to be leaving the bricks, I feel compelled to take advantage of this opportunity that so few get to experience. I’m honored to be able to share my experiences abroad through the blog post I curate especially for the Center of International Education at the College of Charleston.

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