Exploring Brighton and Beyond by Jimeace Bonaparte

Life in England has been amazing. Unfortunately, my semester abroad is coming to an end. Living in Brighton for nearly 3 months allowed me to adapt to a new way of life, and I’ve enjoyed my experience. Brighton, and England in general, is a beautiful place. The terrain is very hilly but filled with green pastures all around the outskirts of the different cities. Traveling is a major aspect I was most excited about when coming to England. With public transportation by bus or train and easy access to airports, it has been fantastic going to different towns and cities. The first town I visited outside of Brighton was Lewes. My friends and I explored the town, went to Lewes Castle, came across a lovely garden, and ate dinner in a nice restaurant. The town was calm, rooted in history, and a nice place to go for a day trip.

I’ve also been to London for a weekend. It was very cold and snowed a little as well. I didn’t check the forecast before packing, so I was a bit unprepared for the weather. Luckily, the excitement of being in London distracted me from the fact that I was freezing. While I was there, my friend and I went to a big event in Brixton, ate a seafood boil at Fishbowl Brixton, and walked around central London. I also rode the ferris wheel and was able to see the sky top view of the entire city.

Through the small amount of traveling I’ve done, I’ve learned that maybe I don’t want to live in the heart of a big city, but near it. I enjoy living in a town where it is quiet and peaceful, and less crowded. Also, my time here overall has helped ease my anxiety when traveling alone. I’ve learned the ins and outs of navigating bus and train routes, and also busy airports.


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