Intro Blog by Matthew Titzler

Γεια σας and welcome to my first blog post!

My name is Matthew Titzler, I am double majoring in Archaeology and Classics, and I am currently a junior participating in the study abroad program, College Year in Athens (CYA). I chose this program due to various recommendations, along with the fact that Athens is a perfect hub to study the history of Ancient Greece. There were other programs in consideration, but I felt that this one would provide the best opportunities for this stage of my education. CYA also gives me the ability travel more inside this diverse country in a time of many restrictions. In terms of my goals while I am abroad, I really hope to get out of my comfort zone as much as I can, traveling as much as possible and embracing completely different cultures. In addition, education will be one of my top priorities, so I plan on using every resource available through CYA and across Athens to better prepare me for my future. I have done much research on Greece and Athens, not only through the work of my majors, but also with safety precautions, food and daily life, history and sites, and of course, the various beaches and islands across Greece. I am really looking forward to the next semester that await me and being able to share it through this blog. (Below is one photo of me when I visited Athens as a child and one more recent one)


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