Tips Before Leaving for Australia or Abroad Anywhere by: Michaela Califano

*Written previously*

I’ve been in Australia for about 3 weeks now. What I’ve learned in the short period of time being away is that I wish someone had more tips for me on how to pack, and tips for necessities you need while being abroad. For one pack as light as possible (yes this is coming from a girl who always overpacked) but seriously, you only need more summer-like clothes but try to bring more neutral colors and clothing that can me mixed match with other things so you have different outfits. Basically things that can be versatile. Also, girls we all know you will probably do some shopping while being away so you have to remember about the weight limit flying back, you do want to go over!

For girls, do not bring a hair dryer, curling iron, straightener and things like that it is easier to buy those things there since it will already have the right plug for the outlet. From my experience, when I was in Europe I brought my curling iron and it fried out on me because of the voltage, so if you don’t want to ruin your favorite hair appliances try not to bring them! I would also recommend getting a computer charger that is made for an Australian outlet or wherever else you may be abroad for a long period of time because I feel as it can break the computer-I’ve had some funky things happen to mine. Also make sure you have a good adapter that also can be a converter for bigger appliances but make sure it’s a good adapter because the cheap ones usually do not last long at all.

Prior to leaving I would definitely make sure you exchange a decent amount of money from your bank in America rather than doing it at an airport or at a local place since those types of places usually rip you off. Before you leave I would suggest setting up a credit card, one with no international fees because unsound your debit card and a card with international fees gets super expensive and when you get it if you have an iPhone out the card on Apple Pay- it’s much easier and convenient to use your phone than taking a card out plus it’s less things to carry. Another option people have done would be to open up an Australian student bank account so that you do not have to worry about international fees within Australia or the currency exchange.

During the flight because it is so long be sure to pack your own snacks in your carry on along with a change of clothes since it is very common for luggage to get lost this happened to several people in my program when they arrived and they had no clothes. For the flight, compression socks are very useful to keep swelling down and circulation flowing. The other obstacle is phone service, being that most of the international plans from the carriers in the states are usually super pricey I personally thought it was easier to buy a monthly phone plan with an Australian carrier, they just change your SIM card in your phone from your American carrier to their carrier-so yes you will have a new number but it is way easier to communicate with people that way and cheaper than the international plans. Another option is issuing the Whatsapp which is really convenient and I myself and know many other people that use the Whatsapp. I have also found it helpful to have a travel luggage scale this helps for weekend trips for luggage weight limitations especially for the cheapest airlines who are way more strict about the weight limit of their bags. These are all the tips I can think of so far I hope this helps some because I wish I had known these things before I left!

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