Transportation Knowledge by Edward Neal

One of the things I pride myself on is the ability to get around everywhere. I would definitely say I have mastered the British train system as well as the Underground in London. I know exactly which line to take to get near which spot or get to another connection in London, although I do prefer to spend my time walking above! Sometimes I would need to pull my map out, but generally my orientation is pretty sound that I can figure out where to go or where I am. But at the same time, it is often very fun just to go somewhere and get lost and discover while walking around! I have had sometimes where I have gone into London with a plan and the plan has failed because I would walk around and find other things and spent quite a bit of time there. Nothing bad though, it is just so much more of the beautiful city that I will get to see! With trains, its easy to figure where you need to go. Most of the time they tell you about connections but to just slip into London and head to another station, you can easily go anywhere in the UK. I have very much enjoyed using the trains. Even when I am on them for hours at a time, it is enjoyable to just sit and read instead of having to focus much on where I am going, just as the demands of driving are. The biggest change for me when I get back home will be the absence of trains. It has become so central for my means of travel and routine. The busses, however, are still a mystery to me. Sometimes the busses never show up for the direction I am trying to go, sometimes they are scheduled to come but end up never arriving, or once after buying a ticket to the train station, after twenty minutes I was informed that we wouldn’t be going to the train station. Busses in Charleston are much more reliable, and that’s saying a lot. Yet the trains and underground I can always count on. I have grown fond of using them!

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