Heading to Trujillo, Spain by Alec Abraham

My name is Alexander Abraham, a third-year political science student at the College of Charleston. I am currently studying abroad at the College of Charleston study abroad program in Trujillo, Spain. I arrived at this program for a number of reasons. First, I had previous knowledge of the Spanish language, so I wanted to ensure that I was going to place where I would be able to communicate in the local language. Second, my major advisor is a faculty member on this trip and I thought taking her classes abroad would be a good way to strengthen our relationship. Third, the ease of the application process for this program kind of made it a no-brainer. I really only have one goal for my time abroad: to make the best out of my semester through learning as much as I can; about the local culture, relationships, in the classroom and myself. Before arriving, I did some basic research on the history of Spain and its current political climate. I also did some reading on common Spanish cultural practices and how they may differ from what we are used to.

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