Argentina by Maddie Davis

My goals for study abroad are to immerse myself in the spanish language and begin to  experience one of the many vibrant cultures that Latin America has to offer. I also wanted to have an internship within the healthcare system so I could learn the language in a medical setting so I needed somewhere that was developed enough to have hospitals similar to our own. Argentina satisfied all of these for me and also has the added bonus of a particularly interesting political history. I also love that on occasion it feels like Europe, so really I’m hitting two continents with one flight. For my time in Buenos Aires I know that I want to do some travel outside of the city so I can experience the full spectrum of what Argentina has to offer. I plan on traveling to the Salta region to experience a more traditional Andean culture, Bariloche to get a feel for Patagonia, Mendoza for the agricultural centers, and hopefully to Iguazu to experience the more tropical region as well. If I manage all of these trips, I’ll hit every region of Argentina which would be incredible! Additionally, I know that the spanish spoken in Buenos Aires includes different verb tenses and synonyms than we may have learned at C of C so I tried to come in with an idea of some of those beforehand. 

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