Life in Belfast, Northern Ireland: Queen’s University Belfast by Brady DeHaven

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Being in Belfast has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life, and studying at Queen’s University has definitely been an adjustment. Each term I take 3 modules, each consists of between one to two lectures a week with one “tutorial” a week where we reconvene in small groups to discuss the material for the week, focus on our assignments, and learn from each other. Queen’s University is a very international friendly university with students from all over Ireland and the United Kingdom, as well as the entire world which helps us all get different perspectives on the material we’re learning (which has been my favorite part of Queen’s over the past couple months).

Through international student programs, I have met many people from all over the world! The first international program that was hosted was the “International Buddy Scheme” where I met a couple of Americans, one guy from Germany, and one guy from Malaysia–and we all still talk and hang out together. The international student pub crawl introduced me to my friends from Germany, France, Malaysia, Sweden, and Denmark. I really love being surrounded by people from all over the world because I feel like I’m able to learn more about different walks of life in a safe and supportive setting.

The modules I am enrolled in this semester are International Relations, Politics ad Policy of the European Union, Europe Between the Wars. Being in Belfast to take these modules has been such a good experience because the United Kingdom is currently facing an international relations crisis that involves the European Union! Northern Ireland has a special place on the international stage during the Brexit situation and living here has taught me how resilient and persistent the people are.

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