Reflecting on Time in Chile by Leasette Leon

I believe the greatest opportunity of studying abroad is that I was able to see many parts of the world that I will probably never visit again. Living in Chile for three months, and visiting countries like Argentina and Peru, enabled me to experience new customs and activities. Although, leaving my home for three months was hard, what I was gained from my experience was worth it. I chose to study in Chile because I was unfamiliar with the region. However, by the end, I learned what their favorite foods and traditions were. The classes I took in Chile were mostly based on the history of the country, which only increased my understanding and appreciation for the nation’s people. Studying abroad in a foreign country also meant that I had to learn how to do things on my own. It was overwhelming at times to be a new country, but it gave me the ability to adapt to different situations, where I was able to live a new way of life that was foreign to my own. It was also challenging to adapt to a different education system, but I managed to do so, and obtained my first 4.0 GPA for the semester. I also believe my Spanish speaking skills have improved and will miss speaking it on a daily basis. If I had to give advice to a student that is thinking of studying abroad, I would tell them that is not always easy. It is hard to think about it that way, since leaving to another country with a group of people that will soon become your good friends, only entails exciting and positive thoughts. However, you will start to miss your family, friends, and normal way of life. However, this is all completely normal, and should have told myself that. Now that I am back with my family, I miss the life I had in Chile. I miss the friends that I made and how exciting it was to be on our own, and I wish I would have appreciated it more. Studying abroad is truly a life experience, that I believe each student participate in, as I was able to learn a new culture, make life-long friends, and see a different part of the world.

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