Traveling to Chile by Eric Leon

Hello, my name is Eric Leon and I’m a junior this year at the College of Charleston attempting a double major with International Business and Spanish.  This fall 2019 I have chosen to be a part of a program holding CofC courses in the capital of Chile, Santiago de Chile. This is where I have been immersed in a culture I have never known before, opening my eyes to a new way of life not familiar to my own growing up in the United States.  I chose the program for a couple reasons, one being mainly for the study abroad requirement for the International Business major. I saw this as an opportunity which would allow will allow me to concentrate on my Spanish major for a whole semester. I will then come back to the College of Charleston in the spring to focus mainly on continuing my business courses and the remaining few Spanish courses still needed.  In order to do this, I needed to choose a program specifically concentrated in offering higher level Spanish classes. The program in Santiago does exactly this, offering upper level Spanish courses I need to bring me closer to completing the Spanish major. While here, I want to see as much as I can and make many great memories along with a main concentration in bettering my Spanish. I know that while taking a full semester of Spanish courses I will also try to learn a little more about the economy and the business in Chile. I have researched some on the corporations in Santiago that I could maybe be apart of in the future.  I think living in Chile will show me at an early stage in my life more awareness of what differentiates countries from other countries. Relating this to business, I see that when it comes to negotiation with another country, there must be great respect and consciousness for each other cultures and practices. Being here in Chile, I want to make as many connections as possible that will follow me back to the United States and later in my business ventures.

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