Rome! by Sierra Buck

Here we are in Rome! This experience has already been so phenomenal. I have 7 roommates in a huge apartment that overlooks the city. I don’t know how API managed to do it, but the living situation surpassed any and all expectations I had. 

I will say, there are many differences I’ve noticed since being abroad. For example, when you go into a grocery store, you have to weigh and get the tag immediately for your produce instead of the cashier doing it. Another difference is siesta. Italians here in Rome take siesta very seriously, so most places close between 1-4pm. Sunday’s many things are closed as well. And for language, many people have the perception that most people in Rome speak English and that is not the case. Some do, but knowing some day-to-day words and phrases come in handy. 

These may be differences, but they’re amazing differences. When coming abroad I didn’t want to feel like I was in America. I wanted to feel the cultural difference of living in another country. Rome has definitely granted me with that!

One amazing thing people talk about is how cheap it is to travel around Europe. This past weekend, I went to Bari in Italy for about €28. It was so easy and a great first get away with a few of my roommates. I am also looking at a flight to Paris for €25 round trip. Talk about a deal! I’ve also been looking into going to Amsterdam and meeting one of my friends from Charleston. When will you ever be able to fly to another country one weekend and another the next for so cheap, all while making memories you’ll never forget. 

So far, being abroad has been an absolute dream and I can’t wait to see what else this semester has in store for me and my new amazing friends! 

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