The Food of England by Edward Neal

England isn’t very well known for its food, however, that doesn’t mean that some of their food choices aren’t great! Fish and chips is actually quite a good meal if you get them at a pub, while pies are also very nice to chow down on at the end of the day. I would often stop by this one place at King’s Cross and grab a pork sausage roll or a pie roll. But while being in the UK I got the chance to experience some real foreign food. I would often times go over to Camden Market or Borough Market to grab some good food from all over the place. One of my new favorites came to be a falafel!

But one of the best things I had was this Turkish flatbread with lamb. I had a polish hot dog, Greek gyro and halloumi, burgers, kebab pocket, Japanese rice bowls, many different kinds of street foods. I would just take them and start walking in eating! I like to eat and watch tv or videos but eating and walking around the city is a different form of tv that is more interesting to see! I liked to go out to restaurants a lot to eat because I felt it was extremely important to experience the flavors of the world while being so close to their home countries. The Italian food and especially the pizza are different here, as well as the Chinese. Going to China town in London was also one of my favorite spots. But when I went about to a new part of England I would typically stop and get a beer and something to eat in the pub! I very much enjoy the food here, but I have been craving some of my parents’ cooking, especially my dad’s BBQ. Yet the food I have had here will stick with me forever!

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