Kansai Gaidai by Trinity Strauss

I’m Trinity Strauss, a Sophomore at CofC with an Anthropology Major and a double minor in Linguistics and Japanese Studies. I chose to go to Kansai Gaidai University because I loved how the location of the campus is in Hirakata-shi, right in between Osaka and Kyoto. I have many goals while I am abroad in Japan. My main priority is to strengthen my speaking and reading skills in the Japanese language. While I am in Japan, I would love to visit historical sights and popular shrines, eat many new and local foods, and ride a shinkansen (bullet train). Before going to Japan, I had to research things like the local area of Hirakata and common taboos to avoid. For example, it is rude to drink or eat while walking. If you buy something from a vending machine you either take it and drink it later or finish the drink before leaving the vending area.

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